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First, let me tell you a few things about us. East Coast Women’s Show is a production of ECW Show which is a privately-owned company.  We are a family, and this show is our full-time occupation.  Like many of you, we are hands-on so that we remain on top of, and have complete control of,
the East Coast Women’s Show.

I have been in the trade show business for many years and recently sold our last show, thinking of retiring.  However, I soon discovered that I missed the enjoyment of producing successful trade shows and was too young to sit around and do nothing.  Looking around I discovered know Women’s Shows in the East Coast.  The light went on, I once again had found our niche, .  This is not my first time putting on shows, our family was the first company to produce log home shows in North America, the first one being held in BC at TradeX followed by 15 years of log home & timber frame shows throughout Canada and the United States. After many successful years, we sold the company and proceed to build up a very well-known Cottage Show in Winnipeg, MB. I bring years of experience producing large trade shows across Canada and the US.
I look forward to producing another successful show here in my home province of Nova Scotia. I especially am thrilled to be working with my granddaughter who has inherited the family love and challenge of building trade shows from the ground up. 


Heather Gunning
902 799 0122
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Heather Ireland
902 702 3216
[email protected]

Heather Ireland was born in BC and moved to Nova Scotia in 2008, she owns a log home in Carrolls Corner with her partner Scott, their sons Coby and Sawyer, and daughter Savannah Rose. Heather runs a successful Daycare so she can stay home with her young children as well as working sales for The East Coast Women’s Show.  Heather is no stranger to trade shows as she has very deep roots and family history that spans some 35 years in the Log Home & Cottage sector.    
When she can find some free time in her busy schedule, she enjoys horseback riding or snuggling up and reading a good book.